Market Base


We are an ISO 9001: 2000 certified company. Keeping in view the need for strict quality control and technological development to take the company into the 21st Century, the management is investing aggressively on equipment that will ensure precision and total customer satisfaction. The company has an existing testing facility comprising of the following instruments.

GSM Scale 

Physical Balance
Bally Flexing Testing Machine
De-Mattia Flex Testing Machine
Electronic Weighing Machine
Convection Oven
Dry and Wet Rub Tester
Tensile Testing Machine
Water Repellency Testing Machine
Coating Adhesion Tester
Flame Resistance Testing Machine


PID Controllers in drying chambers to ensure that the temperature remains the same through out the process, thus giving a lot of boost to the measure for quality control.
Computerised colour  matching to eliminate any problems that might occur due to qualitative assessment by human eye. This also ensures that lot wise colour variation is completely eliminated.

The Company is trying to further enhance its testing  facility by adding  the following equipment.

Weatherometer (to check the UV degradation due to sunlight and ageing)